Come for the Auto Show, Stay for Detroit

January 19, 2019

The North American International Auto Show brought you to Detroit, but don’t miss out on all the exciting things happening within a few blocks of Cobo Hall! From food and fun to iconic, Instagram-worthy art, take some time to make the most of your visit and explore Detroit’s downtown.

Just down the street from the Auto Show at the corner of Woodard and Jefferson avenues, you’ll find two of Detroit’s most recognizable art installations – the historic Joe Louis fist and the Spirit of Detroit statues. The history of both statues is fascinating! If you want to stay on the arts path, not far from the statues are two other award-winning installations.

First is Doug Aitken’s Mirage. Located at the historic Silvers Building at 151 W. Fort, Mirage is a mirrored and interactive installation that takes the form of a one-story American suburban house, with a labyrinth of rooms and hallways with reflective surfaces.

Next is The Belt. Affectionately known as Detroit’s coolest alley, the space is lined with restaurant and bar options, and has a curated selection of unique art pieces. The Belt was the No. 1 downtown Detroit destination for Lyft passengers in 2018.

After checking out some of the eclectic art, you’ll definitely want to grab a bite to eat at one of the 50-plus downtown Detroit restaurants. There’s nothing more iconic than a coney dog from American Coney Island or Lafayette Coney Island. (There’s an on-going debate about whose is better. Try one from each, use the hashtag #XODetroit on Instagram, then let us know your choice!) Other fast-casual dining options include the California-Mexican fusion restaurant Calexico, the new New York-style pizza joint Mootz, and the unique burger and shake restaurants Brome Modern Eatery and Shake Shack.

If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience, visit Woodward Avenue’s new Italian-inspired restaurant San Morello inside the world’s first Shinola Hotel. Or in Campus Martius Park, treat yourself to a wonderful meal at Parc, located in the center of Campus Martius.

And don’t forget to cap off your visit by shopping at some of the local and national retailers that call downtown Detroit home. Retailers like Lululemon, Moosejaw and Under Armour complement the boutique shops along Woodward Avenue and in the pop-up glass huts in Cadillac Square and Capitol Park.

Make the most of your Detroit visit and discover something new!

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